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bbisharo Lol glad I could be of some help and thanks for the correction lol its sad when you make the same typo more than once.

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U know how most Somalis (especially reer koonfur) be like “lex saac (6 hours)” when they mean 12 o’clock or “shan saac (5 hours)” when they mean 11 o’clock??? I never understood the reason why we did that until I learned about the sun in Somalia. It is actually so simple but I used to stress about trying to figure why we did that. So we start the clock at “hal saac (1 hour)” or 7am because the sun comes out at 6 am and so once sun has been out for one hour, we say “hal saac” (7 o’clock), and so on and so fourth. The sun doesn’t set until 6pm in Somalia so that means that its been out for 12 hours, thats why we consider 6 o clock “Labo iyo toban saac” or 12 hours.. Like idk if this is confusing but it made so much sense when i learned it. Lol

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unqor Lmao na I dont remember it, probably my sisters were told that story

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retro8owl The body of the elder is filled with eyes. Our way of saying elders are wise

Waayeel korkiis waa wado indho
Somali Maahmaah
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Everytime my lil nephew asks me for gum and he sees me pulling it out, he says “wait lemme get two, one for maxamed too (his older bro)”. But wallahi he always ends up combining both gums. I caught him today cause he’s like “teach me how to blow bubbles” a while after I gave him the gum. It was obvious he took both gums cause he had a huge piece in his mouth lmao

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RIP Trayvon Martin

gives me chills

He didn’t do a damn thing wrong

I’m gonna reblog this every time I see it because never forget.

This hurts my heart

This is so sad dude. He looks mad chill here. So unexpecting. 

Reblogging whenever if comes up, RIP Trayvon ❤️


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Aug 14, 2014

Anonymous said: Would you ever go for a girl who was a few years older than you ?

Whats a few? Anything more than 3 might be a lil too much

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Anonymous said: Why do you prefer Somalis?

Cause they speak the same language as I, have the same culture, and idk cause I love my ppl?

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Anonymous said: Why don't you date?

Waste of time. If I like a girl from afar and she comes from a good family, I’ll let her know my intentions and go to her pops if she’s cool with it.

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Anonymous said: Would you ever date a non East African/non African or a non Muslim?

I dont date. But I prefer Somali.

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I want to follow only text blogs but like I’m not good at unfollowing ppl

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life is moving so fast

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